Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire

  • 1951
  • Western
  • USA
After shifty gambler Tod Rawlings (Harry Lauter) is booted out of the town of Quartz Creek by Mayor Gene Autry (Gene Autry) and Sherriff Breezie Larrabee (Pat Buttram), he hits back at Autry by commandeering a wagon train of women intended to be brides for suitable bachelors in the town. Rawlings tries to sell the women off to a group of local miners instead. But his plan backfires and Rawlings is forced to fight it out with Autry and his lawmen.


Gene Autry
`'Breezie'` Larrabee
Tod Rawlings
Steve Guilford
Bee Laverne
Grady McKean


John English Director
Gerald Geraghty Screenwriter
Armand Schaefer Cinematographer, Producer
James Sweeney Film Editor
Charles Clague Art Director
Dave Montrose Set Decoration