• 1949
  • Crime drama
  • USA
When the Feds spot high-grade counterfeit cash, they seek the help of convict Tris Stewart (Lloyd Bridges) in tracking down the manufacturers. Stewart's hands-on experience in counterfeiting makes him a vital asset, but turning him into an informant won't be easy. As soon as Stewart is let loose to investigate, he makes a run for it, reuniting with his criminal cohorts and girlfriend Meg (Barbara Payton). Little does he know that the law is watching him every step of the way.


Tris Stewart
Agent John Downey/Johnny Hackett
Meg Dixon/Laurie Fredericks
Jack Sylvester
Chief Agent Gunby
Agent Fred Foreman


Richard Fleischer Director
Earl Felton Screenwriter
George Zuckerman Screenwriter
Bryan Foy Producer
Sol Kaplan Original Music
Guy Roe Cinematographer
Alfred DeGaetano Film Editor
Frank Durlauf Art Director
Armor Marlowe Set Decoration