There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood

  • 2008
  • Drama
  • USA
Silver miner Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) leads a hardscrabble life with his son, H.W. (Dillon Freasier). When he hears about oil oozing from the ground near the Western town of Little Boston, Daniel takes his son on a mission to find their fortune. Daniel makes his lucky strike and becomes a self-made tycoon but, as his fortune grows, he deviates into moral bankruptcy.


Daniel Plainview
Eli Sunday/Paul Sunday
Henry Brands
Fletcher Hamilton
Mary Sunday
Abel Sunday
H.M. Tilford
William Bandy
Adult H.W.


Paul Thomas Anderson Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Daniel Lupi Producer
Joanne Sellar Producer
Scott Rudin Executive Producer
Eric Schlosser Executive Producer
David Williams Executive Producer
Robert Elswit Cinematographer
Dylan Tichenor Film Editor
Jonny Greenwood Original Music
Jack Fisk Production Design
David Crank Art Director
Jim Erickson Set Decoration
Mark Bridges Costume Designer
Cassandra Kulukundis Casting