The Heart Specialist

The Heart Specialist

  • 2011
  • Romantic comedy
  • USA
After following a former girlfriend to Florida, Ray Howard (Brian J. White) winds up as an intern in a not-so-prestigious teaching hospital. An unapologetic Lothario, Ray tries to work his charms on nurse Donna (Zoe Saldana), but she's already involved with the chief resident, Dr. Sidney Zachary (Wood Harris), who is also Ray's instructor. Sidney, who moonlights as a standup comic, decides that Ray needs to learn about true love, as well as medicine.


Dr. Sidney Zachary
Dr. Ray Howard
Dr. Graves
Dr. Propper
Mitchell Kwan
Mrs. Olson
Dr. Manson
Dr. Gutierrez


Dennis Cooper Director, Producer, Writer
Kristin Overn Producer
Tree Adams Original Music
Christopher Faizi Original Music
Yasu Tanida Cinematographer
Juan Garza Film Editor
Richard Hicks Casting
Alethea Root Production Design