The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four

  • 2015
  • Adventure, Action, Science fiction
  • USA
Four irradiated astronauts develop amazing powers.


Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman
Ben Grimm/The Thing
Johnny Storm/The Human Torch
Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom
Dr. Franklin Storm
Dr. Allen
Jimmy Grimm


Josh Trank Director, Screenwriter
Jeremy Slater Screenwriter
Simon Kinberg Producer, Screenwriter
Matthew Vaughn Producer
Hutch Parker Producer
Robert Kulzer Producer
Gregory Goodman Producer
Stan Lee Executive Producer
Matthew Jensen Cinematographer
Elliot Greenberg Film Editor
Stephen E. Rivkin Film Editor
Marco Beltrami Original Music
Philip Glass Original Music
Chris Seagers Production Design
George L. Little Costume Designer
Victor Zolfo Set Decoration
Ronna Kress Casting