The Badge of Marshal Brennan

The Badge of Marshal Brennan

  • 1957
  • Western
  • USA
When a gun-toting drifter known as the Stranger (Jim Davis) comes across the dead body of a marshal, he decides to take up the identity of the late lawman. Settling down in a small town, the Stranger uses his new-found authority to challenge Shad Donaphin (Lee Van Cleef), the violent and unruly son of a shady cattle baron. Intent on staying true to his adopted persona, the Stranger even strikes up a relationship with Murdock (Arleen Whelan), a beautiful local lady.


Jeff Harlan / The Stranger
Shad Donaphin
Sheriff Carl Smith
Dr. Steve Hale M.D.
Marshal Matt Brennan
Colonel Donaphin


Albert C. Gannaway Director, Producer
Tom Hubbard Screenwriter
Ramey Idriss Original Music
Charles Straumer Cinematographer