Meek's Cutoff

  • 2011
  • Western
  • USA
During the 1840s, six settlers and their guide are caught in a dangerous situation: They are lost, food and water are running out, and the surrounding desert threatens to claim them all. Meanwhile, their guide, Stephen Meek (Bruce Greenwood), refuses to acknowledge that they may be several weeks off-course. When a Native American (Rod Rondeaux) is captured, Emily Tetherow (Michelle Williams), one of the settlers, shields him from Meek's wrath, and he offers to lead the group to water in return.


Emily Tetherow
Stephen Meek
Solomon Tetherow
Millie Gately
Thomas Gately
Glory White
William White
Jimmy White
The Cayuse


Kelly Reichardt Director, Film Editor
Neil Kopp Producer
Anish Savjani Producer
Elizabeth Cuthrell Producer
David Urrutia Producer
David Doernberg Production Design