• 2001
  • Drama
  • USA
With his mother dead and his father, Marty (Bruce Altman), busy at work, Howie (Paul Franklin Dano) feels adrift in his New York suburb. He and his friend Gary (Billy Kay) spend their time burglarizing their neighbors' homes -- until they make the mistake of robbing the house of Big John (Brian Cox), a macho former Marine who is also an unrepentant pedophile. He propositions Howie, who declines, but the two eventually develop an unlikely and dangerous friendship.


Big John Harrigan
Howie Blitzer
Gary Terrio
Marty Blitzer
Kevin Cole
Guidance Counselor
Marty's Lawyer


Michael Cuesta Director, Producer, Writer
Stephen M. Ryder Writer
Gerald Cuesta Writer
Rene Bastian Producer
Linda Moran Producer
Jose Gilberto Molinari-Rosaly Co-Producer
Valerie Romer Co-Producer, Line Producer
Kane Platt Film Editor
Eric Carlson Film Editor
Romeo Tirone Director of Photography
Mark Wike Music Supervisor
Elise Bennett Production Designer
Danny Glicker Costume Designer
Judy Henderson Casting Director
Brian Reingold Production Manager
Patricia de Paula Production Coordinator
Marshall Grupp Sound Designer
Pierre Foldes Music