Experiment Alcatraz

Experiment Alcatraz

  • 1950
  • Crime drama
  • USA
Dr. Ross Williams (John Howard) is a solemn man of science who is on the verge of creating a cure for radiation poisoning. All he needs are some willing human subjects to test his antidote. He finds his test subjects in the cells of Alcatraz, where sentenced prisoners are offered their freedom -- if they survive. When one of his test subjects is mysteriously murdered, suspicion falls on Dr. Williams, who must find the real killer to clear his name and save his experiment.


Dr. Ross Williams
Lt. Joan McKenna
Dr. J.P. Finley
Ethel Ganz
Barry Morgan
Duke Shaw
Eddie Ganz
Col. Harris
Dan Staley
Max Henry
Jim Carlton
Asst. District Attorney Walton
Richard `'Dick'` McKenna
Warden Keaton


Edward Cahn Director, Producer