Ambush Bay

Ambush Bay

  • 1966
  • War
  • USA
In 1944, Sgt. Steve Corey (Hugh O'Brian) leads a group of U.S. Marines on a covert mission to an island in the Philippines that is occupied by Japanese forces. There, the soldiers learn that the enemy has planted a series of mines to destroy General MacArthur's incoming troops, who are preparing to storm the island. Before the Marines get a chance to relay the information, they suffer a deadly attack, leaving only the valiant Corey and Pfc. James Grenier (James Mitchum) to save the day.


1st Sgt. Steve Corey
Gunnery Sgt. Ernest Wartell
Pfc. James Grenier
Platoon Sgt. William Maccone
Cpl. Alvin Ross
Cpl. Stanley Parrish
Pfc. Henry Reynolds
Pvt. George George
Capt. Alonzo Davis
Manuel Amado


Ron Winston Director
Hal Klein Producer