A Case of Rape

  • 1974
  • Drama
  • USA
Bored due to her husband's (Ronny Cox) constant travel with his job, Ellen Harrod (Elizabeth Montgomery) takes a night class where she meets Larry Retzliff (Cliff Potts). Thinking him harmless, Ellen accepts a ride home with Larry one night and is subjected to the nightmare of rape. Wanting only to forget it, she tells no one, until days later when Retzliff rapes her again. This time she reports it, but finds that neither the police nor the courts nor her husband are very sympathetic.


Ellen Harrod
Leonard Alexander
Larry Retzliff
Muriel Dyer
David Harrod
Marge Bracken
Det. Riley
Det. Parker
Dr. Marsden
Officer Kimbel
Officer Carbone
Night School Instructor
Officer Kane


Boris Sagal Director
Louis Rudolph Producer