Rance Howard


Nebraska (2013) Ray
Chinatown (2013) Irate Farmer at Council Meeting
Second Chances (2013) Wilbur
Max Rose (2013) Walter Prewitt
Big Bad Wolf (2013) Scotty
Gone Dark (2013) Charles
Redemption (2012) Doctor
The Dilemma (2011) Burt
Rosewood Lane (2011) Fred Crumb
Easy Rider: The Ride Back (2011) Andrew Jackson Bennett
Harley's Hill (2011) Charlie
Where's My Sandwich? (2011) Duffy
The Genesis Code (2010) Dr. Tolley
The Trial (2010) Judge Danielson
Play the Game (2009) Mervin
Angels & Demons (2009) Cardinal Beck
Boppin' at the Glue Factory (2009) Walker Bill
Audie & the Wolf (2009) Dr. Maleosis
Grizzly Park (2008) Ranger Howard
Dean Teaster's Ghost Town (2007) Actor
Georgia Rule (2007) Dog Bite Man
Be My Baby (2006) Zippy the Messenger
Miracle at Sage Creek (2005) Doctor Babcock
Aimee Semple McPherson (2005) Actor
Death and Texas (2004) Circuit Court Judge
Toolbox Murders (2004) Chas Rooker
Ghost Rock (2003) Cash
Legend of the Phantom Rider (2002) Doc Fisher
A Crack in the Floor (2001) Floyd Fryed
Ping! (2000) Old Man
Abilene (1999) Arliss
Happy, Texas (1999) Ely the Tractor Driver
Psycho (1998) Mr. Lowery
Murder, She Wrote: South by Southwest (1997) Jarvis Bean
Holiday in Your Heart (1997) Blind Man
Lay of The Land (1997) Dr. Brown
Ninja Kids 5: Tiger Heart (1996) Mr. Johnson
Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter (1995) Todd Brandell
The Colony (1995) Stan Benson
Ed and His Dead Mother (1994) Rev. Praxton
Forced to Kill (1994) Rance
Runaway Daughters (1994) Minute Man 3
Ticks (1993) Sheriff Parker
Snapdragon (1993) Priest
Far and Away (1992) Tomlin
Lucy & Desi: Before the Laughter (1991) Bernie
Limit Up (1989) Chuck Feeney
The 'Burbs (1989) Detective 2
B.L. Stryker: The King of Jazz (1989) Richard Walton
Dark Before Dawn (1988) Logan
Gung Ho (1986) Mayor Conrad Zwart
Playing With Fire (1985) Fireman Goodwin
The Fantastic World of D.C. Collins (1984) Policeman
Love Letters (1983) Joseph Chesley
Mr. No Legs (1979) Lou's Sidekick
Grand Theft Auto (1977) Ned Slinker
Eat My Dust! (1976) Clark
Huckleberry Finn (1975) Pap Finn
Salty (1974) Actor
Locusts (1974) Aaron
Where the Lilies Bloom (1974) Roy Luther
The Red Pony (1973) Sheriff Bill Smith
The Wild Country (1971) Cleve
Gentle Giant (1967) Tater Coughlin
An Eye for an Eye (1966) Harry
The Music Man (1962) Oscar Jackson (uncredited)
Frontier Woman (1956) Prewitt