Christopher Walken


The Wingman Actor
The Jungle Book (2015) King Louie
Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser (2015) Clem
One More Time (2015) Paul
Jersey Boys (2014) Gyp DeCarlo
Turks & Caicos (2014) Actor
Heaven's Gate (2013) Nathan D. Champion
Stand Up Guys (2013) Doc
A Late Quartet (2013) Peter Mitchell
The Power of Few (2013) Doke
Seven Psychopaths (2012) Hans
Dark Horse (2012) Jackie
Life's a Beach (2011) Roy Callahan
The Irishman (2010) Shondor Birns
The Maiden Heist (2009) Roger
Five Dollars a Day (2008) Nat Parker
Balls of Fury (2007) Feng
Hairspray (2007) Wilbur Turnblad
Man of the Year (2006) Jack Menken
Click (2006) Morty
Fade to Black (2006) Brewster
Undertaking Betty (2005) Frank Featherbed
Domino (2005) Mark Heiss
Romance & Cigarettes (2005) Cousin Bo
Wedding Crashers (2005) Treasury Secretary William Cleary
Around the Bend (2004) Turner Lair
The Stepford Wives (2004) Mike Wellington
Envy (2004) J-Man
Man on Fire (2004) Rayburn
The Rundown (2003) Hatcher
Gigli (2003) Det. Stanley Jacobellis
Poolhall Junkies (2003) Mike
Kangaroo Jack (2003) Sal
Catch Me if You Can (2002) Frank Abagnale, Sr.
The Country Bears (2002) Reed Thimple
Scotland, Pa. (2002) Lt. Ernie McDuff
The Affair of the Necklace (2001) Count Cagliostro
America's Sweethearts (2001) Hal Weidmann
Joe Dirt (2001) Clem
The Opportunists (2000) Victor Kelly
The Prophecy 3: The Ascent (2000) Gabriel
Sleepy Hollow (1999) The Hessian Horseman
Blast From the Past (1999) Calvin Webber
Vendetta (1999) James Houston
Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winter's End (1999) Jacob Witting
Kiss Toledo Goodbye (1999) Max
New Rose Hotel (1998) Fox
Antz (1998) Colonel Cutter
Illuminata (1998) Bevalaqua
The Prophecy II (1998) Gabriel
The Eternal (1998) Uncle Bill Ferriter
Mouse Hunt (1997) Caesar, the Exterminator
Touch (1997) Bill Hill
Excess Baggage (1997) Ray
Suicide Kings (1997) Carlo Bartolucci/Charlie Barret
The Funeral (1996) Ray
Basquiat (1996) The Interviewer
Last Man Standing (1996) Hickey
Celluloid (1996) Actor
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (1995) The Man With The Plan
The Addiction (1995) Peina
Search and Destroy (1995) Kim Ulander
God's Army (1995) Gabriel
Nick of Time (1995) Mr. Smith
Wild Side (1995) Bruno Buckingham
Pulp Fiction (1994) Captain Koons
A Business Affair (1994) Vanni Corso
Wayne's World 2 (1993) Bobby Cahn
True Romance (1993) Vincenzo Coccotti
Day of Atonement (1993) Pasco Meisner
Skylark (1993) Jacob Witting
Scam (1993) Jack Shanks
Batman Returns (1992) Max Shreck
All-American Murder (1992) P.J. Decker
Mistress (1992) Warren Zell
Sarah, Plain and Tall (1991) Jacob Witting
McBain (1991) Robert McBain
King of New York (1990) Frank White
The Comfort of Strangers (1990) Robert
Communion (1989) Whitley Strieber
The Milagro Beanfield War (1988) Kyril Montana
Puss in Boots (1988) Puss
Biloxi Blues (1988) Sgt. Toomey
Homeboy (1988) Wesley Pendergass
Deadline (1987) Don Stevens
At Close Range (1986) Brad Whitewood Sr.
A View to a Kill (1985) Max Zorin
The Dead Zone (1983) Johnny Smith
Brainstorm (1983) Michael Brace
Pennies From Heaven (1981) Tom
The Dogs of War (1980) Jamie Shannon
Last Embrace (1979) Eckart
The Last Embrace (1979) Eckart
The Deer Hunter (1978) Nick
Shoot the Sun Down (1978) Mr. Rainbow
The Sentinel (1977) Det. Rizzo
Roseland (1977) Russel (The Hustle)
Annie Hall (1977) Duane Hall
Next Stop, Greenwich Village (1976) Robert Fulmer
The Mind Snatchers (1972) Privatz James H. Reese
The Anderson Tapes (1971) The Kid
Barefoot in Athens (1966) Lamprocles